Best of Cannabis Awards Nominee Featured Company: Kannaway, LLC

Kannaway, LLC


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Best in the Industry: Best Canna-Innovation

This empowering brand in the hemp and CBD oil space creates supplements and hemp lifestyle products for modern consumers.


  • How Kannaway pioneered the CBD oil industry with its line of hemp-derived CBD products
  • What Kannaway did differently with its sales model to empower brand ambasssadors
  • Why Kannaway is dedicated to professionalism for the cannabis industry


Based in San Diego, CA, Kannaway is in the hemp and CBD oil space, creating CBD supplements and hemp lifestyle products for modern consumers.

The first company to use the direct sales model to distribute CBD oil products, Kannaway empowers its brand ambassadors to create their own CBD oil business and find their own success in this booming industry.

Kannaway has established a clear and cohesive system to assist brand ambassadors grow their companies from the bottom up, starting on day one with brand education, outreach, and training, to give our business owners the chance to excel. 

The company also hosts a series of monthly red carpet events and yearly conferences to gather its family of ambassadors together for a celebration of successes, education about the Kannaway system, and a chance to network among the Kannaway family. 

Kannaway’s Hemp Oil is derived from legal non-GMO European industrial hemp, utilizing proprietary extraction methods to extract the hemp oil from the mature stalk. To ensure products will meet the highest quality standards, each batch of hemp oil undergoes Triple Lab Testing™, which includes 3 separate tests between harvest and final packaging for sale.

Kannaway was the first in the industry to create testing processes like these, ensuring that every natural product is free of contaminants and of the highest quality possible.

What makes you a leader in the cannabis industry?

Kannaway pioneered the CBD oil industry with its line of hemp-derived CBD products. We continue to innovate, creating new products, opening new markets, and expanding into new directions in the hemp industry, including our new hemp clothing and accessories brand Hempy’s.

What’s the most innovative feature of your philosophy, product or brand?

Kannaway brings the immense opportunity of the booming CBD oil industry to everyone through our unique direct sales approach to the cannabis industry. Our CBD hemp oil products take advantage of hemp’s federal status in the U.S. to make cannabinoids and the benefits of hemp available to customers in the U.S. and around the world.

Among your peers in the cannabis industry, what or who inspires you?

Kannaway is inspired by all cannabis advocates working hard every day to bring the benefits of cannabinoids to as many people as possible. It is only through their hard work that we are able to get our products in the hands of customers all around the world. These advocates include the non-profit educational and charitable organization ECHO, which works with medical cannabis patients in a number of countries to help them access the cannabinoids they need.

Why are you passionate about what you do?

Kannway’s mission is to improve the physical and financial well-being of people around the world. We see the difference made in the lives of our brand ambassadors who find success distributing our products and in the lives of their customers as they add Kannaway CBD oil products to their systems every day.

What will move the cannabis industry forward in 2018?

As the cannabis industry becomes even more prevalent and mainstream, the key to success of any individual company as well as the industry as a whole, is to bring about the level of professionalism that mainstream consumers have come to expect. This is a big part of the reason why we’re focused and dedicated on developing and improving our product offering, introducing new procedures and processes and finding new and innovative ways to exceed our customer’s expectations.

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