Best of Cannabis Awards Nominee Featured Company: The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show

The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show

Best Cannabis Companies: Best Radio Show, Best Podcast

This all-cannabis podcast was the first to be nationally syndicated by terrestrial radio networks, with the mission to empower advocacy through awareness-building content.


  • How The Cannabis Reporter appeals to a broad audience across generations
  • What The Cannabis Reporter prioritizes for awareness-building content
  • Why The Cannabis Reporter has earned the trust of even conservative audiences


Based in Phoenix, AZ, The Cannabis Reporter is as entertaining as it is educational. The podcast demystifies cannabis by presenting the medical, economic, environmental and social advantages of regulation in a way that appeals to audiences of all levels of awareness and acceptance.

The Cannabis Reporter boasts a knowledgeable staff with diverse experience in the cannabis industry. At the helm is radio host and editor-in-chief Snowden Bishop, an award-winning producer and journalist whose career began as an anchor at NBC affiliates. The show has two medical advisors: Dr. Bryan Doneris,  the voice of The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show’s Medical Marijuana Minute, and Christian Bogner, M.D., an expert on using medical cannabis for managing autism spectrum disorders.

The podcast features interviews with experts, policymakers and other individuals shaping the future of cannabis culture.

What makes you a leader in the cannabis industry?

Our approach the topic of cannabis reaches beyond just hard-core advocates and appeals to diverse, cross-generational and often-skeptical talk-radio listeners who won’t ordinarily go out of their way to learn about the benefits of cannabis online. Combined with our high production value, sophisticated format and noteworthy guests, this approach has earned the trust of skeptical audiences and garnered acceptance by hundreds of station owners who have never added an all-cannabis show to their programming line-ups before.

What’s the most innovative feature of your philosophy, product or brand?

While there are a lot of amazing cannabis media outlets online, we realized that we can’t grow the congregation (advocacy and acceptance) by preaching to the choir (people who already love cannabis). Utilizing terrestrial radio in both regulation and prohibition states, we can reach more conservative-leaning audiences who aren’t aware of cannabis or have no desire to learn about it online.

Why are you passionate about what you do?

We are firm believers that cannabis has potential to transform the field of medicine and pave the way for a more prosperous, socially just and sustainable future. Based upon the racist falsehoods of Reefer Madness propaganda, the War On Drugs has been one of the most damaging and costly policies enacted in our nation’s history. While failing to curb illicit drug use, it has enriched organized crime syndicates siphoning money out of our economy and socially irresponsible special interests that profit from prohibition.

Prosecution of marijuana offenses has destroyed millions of lives and disproportionately impacted minority youths while perpetuating a cycle of poverty and crime by significantly diminishing their eligibility for gainful employment. Now that science is validating the medical importance of cannabis, we are highly motivated to expose the truth, remove the stigma and engender demand for federal regulation so that every patient who needs the healing power of cannabis can have access without fear of retribution.

Among your peers in the cannabis industry, what or who inspires you?

We admire leaders in our community who have boldly defied convention and risked everything to advocate for the movement. It takes courage to be on the right side of history and leaders come in many different forms, but those who are on the front lines helping to bring awareness, defend justice and lobby for policy change have our admiration. 

What will move the cannabis industry forward in 2018?

Greater public awareness leading to acceptance, advocacy and activism is the key to galvanizing the political support needed to end prohibition for once and for all. While some lawmakers claim more U.S. research is needed before they will support federal policy reform, decision makers at academic and scientific institutions claim that policy change is needed before they can conduct research and clinical study.

With the anti-marijuana sentiment emanating from the current Administration, the only way to stop the madness is to create a sense of urgency on Capitol Hill, and that won’t happen unless enough advocates pick up the phone to lobby their Congressional representatives. As we are continually expanding our distribution to reach more untapped radio markets, we urge industry stakeholders who want the law to change to get involved, activate their networks and support the awareness efforts that inspire action.

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