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This California-based company seeks to build Canna-Hub Business Communities, or “cannabis hubs,” that accommodate numerous cannabis licensees and offers local permitting fees that are among the lowest in the state.


  • How Canna-Hub plans to have the most valuable real estate portfolio in cannabis
  • What Canna-Hub does to lower permitting and licensing fees for businesses
  • Why 2018 will be a big year for Canna-Hub business parks


Based in Sacramento, CA, Canna-Hub plans to build the most sophisticated and valuable real estate portfolio in the cannabis industry.

Canna-Hub was formed in 2017 for the sole purpose of identifying, acquiring, and developing lower-cost properties without cannabis zoning, while working closely with city government officials to effect zoning changes on the identified property. 

Canna-Hub has already identified several sites in strategically located cities that can accommodate hundreds of cannabis licensees in an organized manner through the development of Canna-Hub Business Communities, or “cannabis hubs.” The real estate developments will have availability for cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, transport, service or supply vendors, and testing labs.

Helmed by Canna-Hub founder and CEO Tim McGraw, an experienced commercial real estate developer who has also designed or built cannabis specific facilities in several states and abroad, the cannabis hubs will boast about 12 state license types per site.

What makes you a leader in the cannabis industry?

Canna-Hub Business Communities, or “cannabis hubs,” accommodate numerous cannabis licensees and offers local permitting fees that are among the lowest in the State. Cannabis hubs have already received local city zoning and authorization for indoor cultivation, greenhouses, nurseries, volatile and non-volatile manufacturing, tissue culture labs, third-party testing labs, distribution, and transport.

What’s the most innovative feature of your philosophy, product or brand?

Multiple licensees in a properly zoned business park create valuable synergies that support long-term success. We offer some of the lowest permitting fees in the state by working closely with local officials to encourage outcomes that favor businesses’ profitability.

Why are you passionate about what you do?

I’m passionate about ending the war on drugs and supporting operators on the forefront of this multi-billion dollar industry. The local benefits with regards to jobs, improved infrastructure, and overall economic stimulus that accompany our developments are also game-changing for local residents. We strive to be good neighbors in the communities in which we operate.

What will move your company forward in 2018?

This year we look forward to filling our Canna-Hub cannabis business parks with the most sophisticated and innovative operators from California and other states who are eager to be at the forefront of California’s new industry.

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