Best of Cannabis Awards Nominee Featured Company: Adelia Carrillo, Direct Cannabis Network

Adelia Carrillo, CEO, Direct Cannabis Network

Best Cannabis People: Best Entrepreneur
Direct Cannabis Network is also nominated for Best in the Industry: Best Online Content

Adelia Carrillo is the founder of Direct Cannabis Network, a leading digital B2B news network highlighting tech, entrepreneurs and innovative companies.


  • How Adelia Carrillo helped shape the cannabis industry by founding Direct Cannabis Network
  • What Direct Cannabis Network does to “remind us why we’re all here”
  • Why Adelia Carrillo believes technology will move the industry forward


Based in San Diego, CA, Adelia Carrillo is the founder of Direct Cannabis Network. Her roots were built in the consumer electronics industry with a background in business development, sales, and marketing.

Through her own personal journey of being a patient, she soon found herself studying the industry as a whole and found that the industry was missing a focus on the cannabis entrepreneurs, innovation, and technology. This is where her journey of developing Direct Cannabis Network began. Adelia being a natural born leader strives to motivate, inspire, lead and build a community and voice for the cannabis entrepreneurs and startups.

Direct Cannabis Network is the leading digital B2B news network highlighting the latest tech, entrepreneurs and innovative companies through original content. Their mission is to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem that elevates the ideas, connects the communities, and raises the expectations of the cannabis industry.

What makes you a leader in the cannabis industry?

For me, my mission is to empower, inspire and motivate others to follow their dreams, to believe in themselves and to push themselves to become a better human, entrepreneur and advocate in the cannabis industry and overall. I believe that my role and goal as a leader is to help shape the industry by the values and discussions we create on DCN as I believe we have the opportunity to make this industry better than any other industry out there.

What’s the most innovative feature of your philosophy, product or brand?

The “WHY”, we created a news network focused on entrepreneurship, tech, innovation at DCN for entrepreneurs, investors and professionals who are in the cannabis industry, wanting to get in or just learn about the business to business side of this industry in a more approachable, modern way. But there is more to that.

Our real main goal was to make sure we reminded people of the WHY we are all here, we want everyone to be reminded when they are on DCN, the real importance behind this industry which is the plant. People are still in prison who risked their lives for this plant, parents are moving across state for their families, professionals are living well- established careers because of something they believe in. This goes to my comment above, but again by us being reminded of the WHY, we will be able to build this industry better than any other industry.

Why are you passionate about what you do?

To be honest, it’s because of what cannabis has done personally for me. I have truly found myself, I have become a better human, I push myself to do things I never would have imagined and I feel like I finally found my place and mission for what I want to do for the world.

Among your peers in the cannabis industry, what or who inspires you?

Honestly, I am inspired each and every day by each passionate entrepreneur I meet, I get to hear the passion in each of their voices on what they believe in, I am inspired by the advocates, leaders and patients who are helping making a difference as we continue to build each day. So, to be fair, I can’t really name one person.

What will move the cannabis industry forward in 2018?

Technology and Innovation. I am a full believer that as we continue to combine cannabis and tech together, we will be able to have more data and information and studies on what this plant can do and how we can really make a better impact in the world.

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