Announcing Best of Cannabis Awards 2018

Cashinbis is proud to present Best of Cannabis Awards 2018, celebrating excellence in the global cannabis industry.

Starting Jan. 16, Best of Cannabis Awards nominees will be accepted for four main categories: Best Cannabis Companies, Best Cannabis Products, Best in the Cannabis Industry, and Best Cannabis People.

Voting will be open Feb. 1 through March 1. Winners will be announced March 15.

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Best of Cannabis Awards 2018 Categories

Best Cannabis Companies

Recognizing a company’s overall achievements in an area of business, this category demonstrates the professionalism of the cannabis industry. Sub-categories include Best Cannabis Marketing Agency, Best Enterprise Software Company, Best Dispensary and more.

Best Cannabis Products

Celebrating the best products of the cannabis industry, this category is all about the must-haves. Sub-categories include Best CBD Product, Best New Product of 2018, Best Hemp Product and more.

Best in the Cannabis Industry

Showcasing the cannabis industry’s reach and impact, this category is for the best of the best. Sub-categories include Cannabis Company of the Year, Most Disruptive Technology, Best Packaging and more.

Best Cannabis People

Championing innovation and leadership in the cannabis industry, this category recognizes individuals for their impact. Sub-categories include Best Activist, Cannabis Entrepreneur of the Year, Best Diversity Advocate, Best CEO and more.


Best of Cannabis Awards 2018 FAQ

What are the important dates?

  • Nominations open Jan 16
  • Nominations closed Jan 30
  • Voting open Feb 1
  • Voting closed March 1
  • Award announcements March 15

Which categories can I nominate in?

We invite nominations in all open categories.

Can I nominate myself?

Yes, you can nominate yourself and/or your company. Make your nominations and stay updated on the contest at

Is there a fee to nominate?

It’s FREE to vote and nominate. Contact us about a nominee feature on Cashinbis to inform voters about why you’re the best.

How are the winners decided?

Public voting where the industry can vote online for their chosen winner.

How do I vote?

We will open an online voting system when nominations are completed. There will be a shareable link that you can pass on to everyone else you know.

You can vote for yourself but you’ll only be able to vote once, so if you’re in the running, you’ll need to promote your entry to your own audience to gain support.


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