2015 Northwest Cannabis Classic Tacoma Event Recap

Trade Show Recap – Northwest Cannabis Classic 2015 in Tacoma, WA.

The Northwest Cannabis Classic is a new cannabis trade show series with installments in Anchorage, Tacoma, and Portland meant to highlight the industry growth in these northwestern urban centers. Given the recent implementation of some form of legal cannabis in all three states, we knew we had to sign on as media sponsors for the show and figure out exactly what this area has to offer.

The show took place August 29 and 30 in the historic Tacoma Armory building, recently renovated and reopened for events. Dozens of industry vendors were in attendance, ranging from glass arts and cultural accessories, soil and cultivation supplies, indoor lighting and environmental management, media companies and consultants, analytical laboratories, and of course, seed suppliers and master growers that are the centerpiece of any traditional cannabis cup.

A little wind and rain on Saturday wasn’t nearly enough to dampen the festivities; in fact, most of the weekend enjoyed unseasonably California-like weather. Overall it looked like all vendors and industry hopefuls in attendance got in a full weekend of networking and making new friends in the industry, while exhibiting to the public some of what goes on behind the scenes in this growing space.

Here’s what we learned:

  • While Seattle, WA is definitely the epicenter of cannabis industry in the northwestern region, each state has its own regulations and many of the smaller cities also have claims to fame – like Tacoma, home of lifestyle and social media powerhouse brand DabStars.
  • The retail market in Washington is fragmented in terms of how businesses can get their product and marketing out there. For example, a dispensary or medical cannabis producer would be permitted to have a table at private events, but an i502 recreational shop cannot do outside marketing at this time.
  • While smoking cannabis in public is not permitted under Washington’s legalization policy, the rules on private events tend to be a “grey area,” leaving patients and cannabis enthusiasts up in the air as to how best to socialize. Like the campaign currently ramping up in Colorado, an “adult social use” cannabis measure is expected to be proposed in Washington state very soon to fix some of the loopholes.

Then on Sunday, after the local favorites of DabStars and Miss High Times 2015 hosted a generous merchandise giveaway, the awards for best flowers, concentrates, and edibles in the northwestern United States were presented by Russ Belville of 420 Radio.

Read up, aspiring Pacific Northwest entrepreneurs! These cannabis producers are the very best in the game. Based on what we saw from the winners, we’re definitely signing up for judges’ passes next year. Big thanks to Cory and Kendra Wray for organizing the event – we absolutely loved our first trip to Washington, and can’t wait until the Portland show, November 7 and 8!



#9: TJ’s MK Ultra by James Orpeza of TJ’s Organic Gardens

#12: TJ’s Chocolate Kush by James Orpeza of TJ’s Organic Gardens

#5: CPC by Kevin Kelly of Hesperides


#18: TJ’s White Label by James Orpeza of TJ’s Organic Gardens

#20: Blue Magoo by Michael Waldoc of Olympia Mike

#8: Blue Magoo by Adrian Murdock of Garden of Eden Genetics


#21: Grapefruit by Matt Cogan of Certified Clean Cannabis

#16: TJ’s Durban Poison by James Orpeza of TJ’s Organic Gardens

#13: Very Berry by Adrian Murdock of Matanuska Thunder Seeds


#202: Mississippi Mud Pie by Bonnie Carris of Cannatonics Society

#201: Afghani Kush Chocolates by Michael Thomas of Curious Rx

#203: Girl Scout Cookies Chocolate by Michael Thomas of Curious Rx


#102: OG Crumble by Donald Whitehall of Mr. B Extracts and Nature’s Lab Extracts

#107: CPC by Kevin Kelly of Hesperides

#105: Papayanapple by Sam Kashani of NW Alchemy featuring Headhunter Extracts

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